Tests to Improve Your Wellbeing!


Know Your Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances

I specialise in using hair analysis as a diagnostic tool to find out what is causing you to feel unwell, a process called Mora Testing. Using just a few strands of your hair,  I am able to write you a full report with recommendations, to support you to regain your health. Think of the report I create from your test results as your own personal health guide that could help you feel better each morning, prevent illness and maintain your wellbeing.– View my tests & packages


Testing Is For Everyone

Women & men, young & old, babies, children and pregnant women – We can all benefit from a better understanding of our body and the next steps to take toward feeling physically better, lifting our mood and ultimately gaining better overall wellbeing.
As you can either visit me in Holywood, N. Ireland or using my International postal service, wherever you are in the world I can help you!


Testing can improve your life

Chronic headaches, allergies, cholesterol worries, digestive disorders, a health problem that you are struggling to gain a diagnosis for, or a simple curiosity about your own health. Through years of research and experience I have specialised in health testing so that I can work from just a few strands of your hair.

I invest a great deal of time focussing on your test and in writing your report. This report will give you vital information to make good choices and fabulous changes. It may even include helpful recipies and an eating plan, depending on the package you choose.
– View my tests & packages
– View a sample report


So what conditions may I help with?

Many – but here are just a few examples: High Cholesterol, Blood sugar imbalance, Identifying allergies/food intolerances, Fatigue, Stress, Menopausal symptoms, Pre menstrual syndrome and other hormone imbalances, Poor immune function, Skin conditions, and more.


Enhance Your Health With Supplements

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