The perfect 20-minute soak. It’s an excellent stress reducer; baths are good for our mental and physical health. 

Fill up your tub with water that is comfortable to you – not hot if you have high blood pressure, or heart conditions or are pregnant.

For sore muscles add a cupful of Epsom salts to the bath. This relaxes and relieves sore muscles. Magnesium in Epsom salts can be absorbed by the body through the skin.

Experiment with different blends of essential oils, about 3 or 4 drops of three different oils, except if you are using citrus oils in which case, 2 drops is sufficient.  Citrus oils and certain strong phenolic oils can be irritating to the skin, so if not sure just use 2 drops. Try Cedarwood for strength an certainty; Geranium for calm strength and to help anxiety, particularly where there is nervous exhaustion due to stress and overwork, and Orange for a positive attitude, very optimistic and an oil which embodies “good luck”!  Just 2 drops of Orange and 3-4 of Geranium and Cedarwood.

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