Calcium without dairy products

There are many effective ways to create calcium in our bodies apart from cow’s milk. You might like to consider adding calcium in some new ways. One way is to step up spinach and collard greens; a cup of steamed spinach gives you 244 mg of calcium, yet only 41 calories and 1 cup of collard greens provides 226 mg of calcium for only 50 calories.

But another tasty and useful way to get calcium is with sesame seeds; one tablespoon of tahini, which is crushed sesame seeds and their oil, contains 63 mg of calcium, making them a nutritional addition to many meals. The only downside is, if you are counting calories, that the 63 mg of calcium is high in calories at 86. Do keep in mind that sesame seeds provides a wide range of nutrients and you might choose to use them occasionally, or a small amount regularly.  For example you can toast some sesame and sprinkle some on breakfast cereal, or over grains like rice.

I am putting two recipes for tahani sauce and dressing on the recipe page.

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