Feeling transformed

Prior to having the hair test analysis, I felt I had no control over my health and well being.  I thought it was like a roll of dice whether or not you got sick and was completely out of my hands. Now I have discovered this is not true. Since starting this work with Mary Anna I have received a wealth of information about myself which has been amazing. I finally feel empowered about my health and have taken responsibility for it. My health and quality of life have improved dramatically. It has been such a journey for me from feeling helpless and hopeless to now feeling health, wellness and empowerment! I still have some changes to make and it is still challenging at times but I am finding a strength and resilience within which I never knew I had.  This test has been life changing for me in so many ways and I am forever grateful to Mary Anna for her patience and knowledge to guide me on this path to wellness. P. O’Neill, Belfast.

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