For Soft, Supple, Smooth Skin


What to put on the inside is probably at least as important as your usual external skincare. People can spend a fortune on cosmetics and not be pleased with what is happening to their skin.  Here are some tips to make a difference.

1. Hydration.  On rising drink a mug of water (200 mls) with juice of ½ lemon squeezed into it.

Then, every couple of hours, drink a further mug of water. Water detoxifies the skin and increases its radiance. Help your skin detoxify with clean water and vegetables which have a high water content. Toxic skin is puffy, has poor colour, texture and form. Try water and see what happens!

 2. Eat good fats.  Cutting out fats is bad for your skin.  We need the right kind of fats.  The wrong kind are trans fatty acids which are in convenience foods, margarines and highly processed refined oils on supermarket shelves. Bad fats disrupt the integrity of cell walls making skin lose its capacity to maintain moisture balance and keep its firmness.

However, good fats as in avocados, nuts: especially walnuts; and      seeds: especially flaxseeds and in fish.  Good fat as in extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.  These good fats fill us up so that we do not crave for sugar and refined grains and actually make our bodies leaner at the same time as improving our skin.  A tablespoon of flaxseed oil keeps skin moist, supply and healthy in tone and texture.  Avocados help skin elasticity and helps keep skin plump and firm. Put slices on salads, sandwiches and blend in dips instead of mayonnaise.

3. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat, keeping the starchy vegetables as low as you can.  Eat lots of vitamin C : kiwi fruits and berries are great. Vitamin C has an essential amino acid which is incorporated into producing new collagen and elastin.

4.  Detox and exercise.  These two keep turning up! Lose your taste for sugar and refined carbohydrates – they are not worth the price you pay in terms of your health and skin. Try a one-week liver cleanse and look in the mirror!  After you have taken a sharp walk in the fresh air.

As well as having more soft and supple skin, other prizes for implementing the above ways is that your whole being benefits by having  more energy, emotional balance and sense of wellbeing.

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