Hair-testing like an MOT service for the body

“I wasn’t aware that every change in our body is remembered by our hair, until I met Mary Anna Hanse.  I had attended one of her fascinating presentations and as I was keen to understand what might be happening with my children and their health, I booked a hair strand test.  As I got a test for each child, it seemed imperative that as a family, we all deserved one! The results, were all completely individual and gave a profound insight into how we were functioning, areas where we were deficient and what organs may need some extra help.

Mary Anna’s presentation of the results was so carefully considered and referenced and her vast knowledge translates into accessible advice for a healing protocol.

For some, although some dietary protocol may seem challenging at first, it opens a whole new world up of alternative foods to eat and leads to more and more fascinating information on how to prevent disease and maintain optimum health.

I would thoroughly recommend a hair strand test as a MOT service as opposed to waiting until the body is unwell.

Prevention is less challenging and expensive than trying to CURE”.


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