HPV Vaccine

My daughter received the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine and was sent home within the hour.  She slept round the clock for the first month and missed most of her second year of grammar school.  A perfectly healthy child now suffered extreme fatigue, headaches, dizziness, tingling limbs, aches and pains, sensitivity to light and noise, weak and limp and unable to open a bottle of water, unexplained weight gain and more.  In the absence of any answers from our Dr, I researched myself and found Mary Anna.  Having sent Mary Anna some hair strands, I received a comprehensive report that outlined supplements and eating regime which included foods to avoid due to intolerances.  Within two months my daughter started to function better and she has continued to improve.  She has attended most of her third year and is back socialising with her friends.  I cannot thank Mary Anna enough for bringing my daughter back to health.  Our world that came to a standstill has started moving again.

-Jill, a thankful Mum.

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