Nettle Soup

Ken and I were out for a walk and, although spring is the perfect time to pick new nettle heads to make soup, we saw plenty of newish looking nettles without any seed-heads on them, picked off the tops into a plastic bag and brought them home to make soup.  My Dad used to pick nettles to brew up tea for himself, but I find the soup much more tasty.  This recipe is also great made with spinach.


8 – 12 oz young nettle leaves

1 – potato

1 onion

1 clove garlic

1 – 1 3/4 pints vegetable stock

seasoning to taste.

Put the onion and garlic into a fairly large saucepan and slowly soften in some oil until colouring brown.

Then add the stock and the potato cut up small and cook until the potato is almost soft. 

Meantime, rinse the nettles in plenty of cold water and then put straight into the saucepan.  Cook for 5 minutes or so and then liquidise.  Season to taste. 

To serve, you can swirl a bit of cream on top, or put on some plain yoghurt if you wish.

Spinach can be substituted for nettles.



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