Salad of ruby grapefruit with avocado

We really enjoyed eating this to start our meal this evening.  Very refreshing and zesty!

For 2.

1 ruby grapefruit

1 avocado

a piece of red chilli, to taste, finely chopped

some coriander leaves

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt and black pepper

Peel grapefruit and remove pith. With a sharp knife, remove the segments from surrounding membrane, over a bowl to catch the juice. Squeeze any juice left in membrane.

Halve and peel the avocado and cut lengthways into thin slices. Place on individual plates with the grapefruit segments, with the saved juice.

Sprinkle a little salt, pepper and the chopped chilli over the salad, add the coriander leaves and drizzle on some olive oil.

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