testimonial from a vegetarian dad

A medical friend had raised some concerns regarding my 7-yr old daughter’s metabolic rate – she was active and happy but a little heavy for her age. After following the usual route through our GP I wasn’t satisfied with the results and looked for a more holistic path to follow. This is when Mary Anna’s name popped up in conversation with two or three unconnected friends! We sent the hair sample and Mary Anna’s findings just seemed to make complete sense. If anything it has given our family the kick up the backside we needed and has changed our diet back to one that is more natural and better planned….. something like my own was when first becoming vegetarian in the early 80’s! I was so happy with Mary Anna’s findings and my daughter’s progress,┬áthat I have subsequently sent samples of hair for the rest of my family, myself included. Thank you Mary Anna, Paul a vegetarian dad`

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