Testimonial from Marjorie Little

“I first heard about Mary Anna through my hairdresser. While we were chatting, she thought I would benefit from sending my hair to be tested.
I sent a sample of hair at the end of July and was intending to do the transaction by email and post, but Mary Anna phoned me to ask me to come up to see her. I was quite worried by what she had found. When I came home and thought about all she had said, I knew that if I wanted to feel better, I would have to follow the advice given including a restricted food intake.
So the following day I bought some foods new to me, like Coconut Oil, Quinoa and Buckwheat and got started, determined to stick to the plan.

Now I have lost 12 lbs in weight and feel so much better and I have good energy.
A lot of my problems have already healed. I have started a journey with Mary Anna’s help, and I am now looking forward to the next step.”

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